One of the greatest challenges for contractors is that the remodeling industry is highly competitive. Several marketing specialists suggest that you need to offer one or more free services in order to attract clients and book a project. These services can include free project cost estimation, consultation, and even designs proposals.


Obviously the ultimate goal is to win the contract, but how far should you go in terms of offering freebies in order to seal the deal?  There are many questions that should be asked and answered. How much should you sacrifice or invest?  How do you know that you will book the project even if you do offer free services?  Should you invest more time or more money when offering free services? Should you offer the same free services to all clients or should they vary depending on the project? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before you decide to offer free services as part of your marketing strategy.


So it is not as easy as it sounds! Let’s imagine you have a potential client and you know enough about the project that you are interested in taking it. You may be shortlisted along with two other contractors. The client is obviously  seriously considering you. This may be the time to offer something free to sweeten the deal and push the advantage in your direction ahead of your competition. These free services are part of your marketing and customer service policy.


There is a fine line between offering free services that are attractive and valuable enough to make your potential client choose you,  but not so valuable that if you don’t get a job you lose a considerable amount of time and money. Do not give away services such as design concept that can be a revenue generator for you.

Free can also be perceived as cheap. If you give away too much,  you will lose credibility.  You will give the impression to clients that you are desperate for work and almost begging for the job or that you are not good at what you do. If you don’t value yourself, no-one else will.


The final point is that no matter what you give up as free services, unless the client trusts you, you will never be selected. Clients consider many factors when selecting a contractor, but the main one at the top of the list is trust.  Invest time and energy building a relationship of trust with your clients. It is a skill worth honing . If you can master this, you will be among the top contractors in your area. Clients talk to friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. You want them to talk about you in the highest possible terms,

Building trust is a process and a journey. It does not happen overnight but you can reach the goal with the help of experts and by following  simple, practical steps. Above all be honest, professional and nice! No one enjoys dealing with someone who is grumpy and short tempered. Everyone prefers to be greeted with a smile and to do business with a professional who is pleasant to be around and a good listener.