If you are about to undertake a major remodeling project, knowing the exact location of wiring and water pipes is of paramount importance. In fact, even if you are simply hanging a picture, it is really helpful to know where the studs are. Trial and error can not only end in frustration, but also lead to several ugly holes in your wall.

In the past, locating wiring and pipes was largely a question of educated guesswork, and little bit of luck. Even professional remodeling contractors had to rely on their experience and use their judgement. A new device called the Walabot is a 3D imaging sensor that enables you to uncover hidden things up to 4 inches deep in your drywall and even cement, so your can drill away with total confidence.


Developed by Vayyar, the Walabot is about the size of a smartphone, though about twice as thick, and attaches magnetically to the back of your smartphone to allow you to see through walls or any solid object. It has the look of a standard backup battery. The device pulls power from the phone’s Micro USB port and functions with the help of an accompanying app. It is currently only available for select Android phones, though an IOS version is in the works. Walabot uses radio frequency technology to create 3D images on the screen.


In the box you will find:

  • Walabot DIY sensor
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Magnetic disc
  • Protective plastic sheet
  • Manual/instructions


The parent technology, Vayyar, was originally developed for breast cancer screening, providing something much more portable than a mammogram machine, and making it cheaper, easier, and safer for women to be scanned. The makers realized that if you can see through breast tissue, there are many more potential applications. In addition to DIY and home remodeling uses, the Walabot can be used for motion detection, breathing monitoring, fall detection, and people tracking. Movement detected behind your walls may be a sign of rats or other unwanted visitors. T Raviv Melamed, co founder of Vayyar, Walabot’s parent company, says that the bot can see through everything from a foot of concrete to a glass of milk.


The Walabot is a useful tool for professional remodeling contractors. If you are only putting up pictures, a simple stud finder will give you the information you need. If you are interested in more advanced DIY and home renovation projects, then the Walabot could be a useful addition to your toolbox. The information it provides will allow you to map out what is behind large areas of your walls.


The Walabot Starter Pack is $149.00 and $199.00 for the DIY pack.