I don’t know about you, but in my kitchen I have some cabinets that are neat and well organized because the stuff in them is all a nice uniform size; and then I have the other drawers and spaces that always look messy because they have to house large, awkward shaped items. Toe kick drawers are a great solution for storing anything that is less than 3 inches tall.


The space at the bottom of your cabinets is frequently forgotten and the trim is just there for show. Transform this into a storage space and you can have the prefect place for large platters, chopping board, placemats, linens, dishtowels, baking trays and lids.  You can also divide them up and keep useful but less used items together such as batteries, light bulbs and candles.  What better place to keep your candy thermometer or turkey baster that you don’t use everyday.  The long drawer is also ideal for storing a step stool that you want handy but not permanently out.


The key for me to loving these drawers, not hating them, is being able to open them without bending down. That’s where the toe kick comes in.  The skirt looks like trim but you simply push it with your toe and it pops open. Push again and it slides back in. Ideally your drawers want to be installed with your kitchen but you may be able to get a carpenter to retrofit them for you.  Just make sure you don’t overload the drawers, as you want them to slide out smoothly. Once you have had these drawers, you’ll wonder how you managed without them.