I just wanted to cry. Well actually I did cry, inconsolably for most of the day. I don’t think I was being a baby. I was just so upset after all the money we had saved up to put in a new hardwood floor in the kitchen to see it covered in water. We had taken so much time doing research, reading reviews, seeing what other people had chosen, weighing up the pros and cons of putting in hardwood at all. We knew that water was the public enemy number one but it couldn’t be that much of a problem or no-one would choose hardwood, right?

I get a bit obsessive when I am doing house projects so we looked at every possible type of flooring. We slowly and gradually decided that the flooring we loved most was wood. We live in sunny southern California and I like to pad around barefoot. I like the feel of wood under my feet as well as the look of it. We did consider some of the new tile that looks like wood and it is very impressive, but we have an older style house and it just didn’t seem right.

So we chose our floor, had it installed without any problem and were just thrilled. We decided that this was also a good time to upgrade our dishwasher. In doing all my research I had read lots of stories about old dishwashers leaking and causing problems for people with hardwood in the kitchen. Our dishwasher was on its last legs and I didn’t want to risk a flood. So after extensive research, as always, we chose a new dishwasher and awaited delivery. Our hardwood floor had only been in in a week. We assumed, as one would, that the delivery guy knew how to install the dishwasher. Well, don’t assume anything. He didn’t tighten the hoses properly so the first time we used it, it leaked and water got under the floor. As an aside, I recommend everyone knows where the water shut off valve is so if you have water splashing out all over the place, you know exactly where to go to turn it off, quickly.

So you see why I was in tears. I was devastated. The next day the floor was showing signs of warping and I was convinced that the whole floor would need to be replaced. I was so upset but I started hunting on the internet for similar accidents. There seem to be a lot of leaky dishwashers out there. Several people said to use fans over the area and then dry it out with a dehumidifier. They warned that it may take some time but that it would work. I wasn’t convinced but thought it would be worth a try.

Well what could have been a nightmare has a happy ending because the boards did flatten out again as they dried. The floor looks fine though I have to work at not letting it bug me that it is not absolutely perfect. I am a Virgo. It feels like getting a scratch on a new car – you get used to it but at first it hurts.