The bathroom used to be a purely functional room but now there is a definite move towards a more spa like ambience. More and more bathroom remodel ideas tend towards bathrooms becoming a space for meditation and contemplation. In today’s fast paced world, we need a sanctuary in which we can decompress, relax and regenerate ready for our next bout of super activity. Take time to view your bathroom in this light and try these bathroom remodel ideas to make your bathroom as inviting as possible.


The sound of water is soothing and what better place to hear this than in your bathroom. Faucets are no longer simply practical but come in a variety of shapes and materials that combine a tap with a fountain. Designer spouts are giving an emotional quality to the water passing through them through form and changing levels. If you are not ready for a bathroom remodel and want something less permanent, place a gentle fountain in your bathroom and improve the Feng Shui.


Natural stone can be used for flooring and on walls to add texture, interest and an organic almost outdoor feel to your bathroom remodel. Keeping the colors neutral and in harmony will create a peaceful, relaxed ambience. Use tones of gray, taupe and brown to complement the decor and add a little wood to bring natural warmth. Don’t forget to add greenery and plants to complete the organic look.


As showers become more and more popular, bathroom designers are making them more comfortable. Practical bathroom remodel ideas include large walk in showers with built in seats and double showerheads. Try an oversized rain shower head combined with a separate handset for flexibility. Enjoy a luxurious, invigorating shower when you feel like it. Or sit and wash your hair and shave your legs in comfort. The look is sleek and streamlined.


Space planning is vital, particularly in a small space. Apply the principles of Universal Design so that your bathroom will be fully functional, regardless of the stage of life you are at. Universal Design will ensure that your space works as well for seniors as it does for small children. You can’t have a more basic bathroom remodel idea than clearing the clutter and creating a streamlined, simple look. Make sure you have adequate storage to hide away hairdryers, lotions and potions.


Metallics have been a major interior and bathroom trend for the last few year and it looks as if their popularity is likely to continue. Metallics reflect light, add instant glamor and contrast beautifully with natural materials. Metallics can be easily introduced through fixtures, faucets, towel rails and other accessories. Choose the subtlety of a matte finish rather than a bright, polished look. Consider brass as an alternative to brushed stainless steel.


The best bathroom remodel idea to add an air of luxury is to choose a freestanding tub. They come in smooth modern shapes or as a retro claw foot slipper tub. The compact footprint of a freestanding means you can still enjoy it even in a smaller bathroom. Just remember that a lot of water is needed to fill that tub.