Many years ago, while living in the Midwest, I hired a roofing contractor to replace the roof on my home. We lived on a hillside so access for loading the roof was a bit challenging. The company had one of those flatbed trucks with a long boom and conveyor system. They raised the boom up and placed one end of

the conveyor on the roof. Then men began to load the roofing shingles onto the conveyor and the workmen would take them off and distribute them around the roof. I watched them for a while since it was interesting to see the operation carried out.

After some time, I went back inside to enjoy some lunch. I had no sooner sat down to eat when I heard a loud commotion outside. I rushed out the back door to see a man jumping off the boom truck as it went barreling driverless down the hill towards my neighbor’s home. The boom swung wildly taking off branches of the trees it passed. The truck crossed a street, took out a swing set and crashed into the corner of the neighbor’s house. I remember having conflicting emotions at the time. The whole thing looked so comical, like something out of a cartoon, as the passenger-less truck bounced down the hillside with the boom swinging erratically and the roofers yelling and waving their arms behind. It was also frightening in its potential. Later, I was noticeably shaken and probably white as a ghost. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the story retains its humorous rather than a tragic memory.