When it comes to kitchen remodel ideas, granite countertops usually figure largely. Countertops, along with cabinets, are one of the most expensive items that you will be choosing for your new kitchen renovation. Quartz definitely seems to be in favor right now and with good reason. It is tough, durable and beautiful.


Granite is natural stone. Quartz is not quite.

Granite is quarried from the earth in large blocks that are sliced into slabs and polished on one side at the quarry, before being shipped to the fabricator. Fabricators cut the slabs to shape according to your countertop specifications and polish the edges.

Quartz is engineered from quartz crystals that are mixed with resin and pigment for color, at a ratio of about 93% quartz to 7% resin. The shapes are then cut from the slabs and polished to finish.


Granite is natural and individual so if you want something that is truly unique, choose granite. No two stones are alike. It can an individuality to your kitchen remodel. This can be a disadvantage however if you expect the appearance to be uniform. The sample you see in the showroom may not be exactly what your countertop will look like once installed.

Though not quite as strong as quartz, granite is still hard and resilient. It can chip however and will stain if things such as red wine are spilt on it.

Granite countertops have to be sealed when they are installed and ideally, every year thereafter, because granite is a porous material. The sealant will help keep out bacteria, germs and mold.


Granite is strong, but quartz is even stronger. Quartz countertops are more flexible than granite which makes them easier to work with and install. They are durable but not indestructible so still show them some respect.

Quartz is non porous and therefore does not require any sealing. Quartz countertops are stain resistant and very easy to clean. No need to panic if you spill wine. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Whereas the patterns and colors of granite change with each slab, the colors of quartz are more uniform. The color you choose in the showroom is what you can expect to see installed. If you want your kitchen remodel to look exactly like a photo you have found, choose quartz.

Quartz can discolor over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight. It is therefore not a good idea to use quartz outdoors.


Ultimately the choice is yours, but one advantage that quartz has is its ability to resist stains. This is a big plus factor in a busy kitchen. Discuss your options for your kitchen remodel with your kitchen interior designer.