A few weeks ago I went into my guest toilet and there was water on the floor. My first reaction was to just call the plumber but I set myself the challenge of seeing if I could work out what was wrong. It was damp at the back of the bowl so the water seemed to be coming from the tank, but it was not obvious.  I turned off the water and flushed the toilet to drain the water out of the tank, mopping the last dregs up with a cloth. The water soon dried up and did not reappear so I now knew it was the tank that was leaking.

I started with the simplest thing that could be wrong. If the seal had gone around the screws holding the tank and bowl together, that would cause the leak and they would have to be replaced.  The screws were a bit rusty and difficult to remove. I enlisted my husband’s help to hold the nut with a wrench while I used the screwdriver to finally get them out.

We took them to the local hardware store so we could get the exact replacement. The helpful men in the store confirmed that these were the most likely culprits for the leak. They suggested we put a bit of vaseline between the washers and the tank to improve the seal when we replaced them and to also use wing nuts so they will be easier to unscrew in the future.

We replaced the screws, turned on the water, flushed the toilet and it has been great ever since. I feel so pleased with myself and am happy I saved myself some cash.