What can I say? It was love at first sight. A blind, unadulterated crush that totally consumed me. It makes me realize just how much my husband loves me that he agreed to buy and renovate this house. I really do wish the blinkers had not been on. I would never have gone ahead if I had known how disastrous a money pit it would be.

The house is really old, built in the early 1900s and I am just such a sucker for history that as soon as I saw it, I started thinking of all the Victorian historical novels I have read. I was always the heroine and I thought I was going to be heroine of this story. I jumped from decaying wreck to fabulously renovated, gorgeous period house faster than you could say HGTV.

The house has a huge wraparound porch and really great bones. It’s just that all those bones were rotten and every job seemed to create another. So much wood had to be replaced that a complete rebuild would have been easier. All the wiring had be be redone, there were leaks in the roof and we had major mold and drainage problems. Also in my mind, I was a DIY expert. I love watching house renovation programs and they make everything look so easy. They make you feel like a loser unless you can wield a drill in one hand and a hammer in the other. I was so convinced I could do the same. Not so! Seriously not so. Do not be taken in by those programs! It is not easy.

One of my biggest mistakes was that I was convinced that the project would be fun. I cannot tell you how far from fun it really was. Yes it is fun when you are perusing tiles and fixtures on the internet where everything is clean and shiny. Not so in real life. The constant mess was unbearable. We lived in chaos for two years. We went way over our budget just with the restaurant bills, as eating out was the only way we could stay sane. We were without a kitchen for so long I almost forgot how to cook.

The time everything takes is just ridiculous and that is with a good contractor and good workmen on site. The renovations dragged on forever. My husband is simply the most patient man on earth to have put up with me and the project. I feel better now that the house is finally finished and I have already forgotten a lot of the pain but much as I do love my house, I would never, ever take on an old house again.