When my fiance Ianni and I bought our first place together, he gave me a freehand to decorate the place as I wanted. I asked his advice on certain things and we chose furniture together, but he was happy to let me make most of the decisions. I was able to channel my inner interior designer and really enjoyed getting ideas and putting them together. The color scheme for our living room is beige and and a soft turquoise. We have drapes with a sort of flower pattern that tie back over sheer curtains and cushions in different pastel colors.

I am a kind of girly girl and like pretty things. Ianni likes that about me and he seemed to like my choices, but when it came to decorating the bedroom, he put his foot down. He said he didn’t want a really feminine bedroom.  He felt the bedroom should reflect who we are and we should both feel comfortable in that room. I kept coming up with different designs but he didn’t like any of them. They were all too frilly. We couldn’t decide on a color scheme.

I wanted carpet in the bedroom because it is nice and cosy under your feet. He wanted tile or at least something practical so he didn’t have to take his shoes off all the time to keep it clean. I wanted piles of cushions on the bed, he wanted to keep it simpler. He didn’t want anything floral and he didn’t want too much color. The only thing we could agree on is that we wanted a king bed. We were constantly discussing the bedroom and had several arguments about it. It started to feel that we would never agree on anything.  In the end, we decided to hire a designer. I think she felt like a counsellor at our first meeting. She turned out to be great and was really tactful at finding out what we loved and what we hated and making us both happy.

She came up with a black and white color scheme that is strong and interesting. It is not what I would have chosen but i like that it is different. She suggested a neutral tile on the floor and a large rug – the perfect compromise. She chose cushions that were simple with clean lines and a plain bedcover. She used mirrors to make the room look even bigger and white shades instead of the fancy curtains I had envisaged. Ianni loves our bedroom and I realize that when he is happy, it makes me happy too.