I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of electrical devices in my home that are left plugged in all the time. Occasionally the thought comes to me that I should turn some of them off, but then I am distracted by some little thing and the thought is gone. There are now several devices on the market that work with your phone or computer to show you exactly how much electricity you are using and how you can save money.

Using less electricity is good on all counts. It reduces your bill and it helps the environment. But without concrete information, trying to control our power usage is like a guessing game. If you have facts before your eyes and can see how much power an appliance is using, there is far more incentive to do something about it.


Neurio is a sensor than you mount on your electricity panel that links to an app on your phone. Through analytics, you can see what each individual appliance costs, see how often each one is used and for how long.You can, for example, see how much your clothes dryer cost to run. Dryers are energy guzzlers and you might start hanging your laundry to dry. The app displays your home’s energy in real time allowing you to see what is running and allows you to see what your projected bill will be. Neurio also gives you tips on how to save energy. Retail price : $219.99


Similar to Neurio, Smappee promises to turn your house into a smarter, more energy efficient home by giving you real time energy readings and costs. It also allows you to switch appliances on and off remotely so you can implement savings wherever you are. The Smappee sensor clips onto your fuse box. The app shows your total energy use as well as standby power consumption – the part most of us tend not to think of. You can look at your costs over the last 30 days and see where the peaks and troughs are. Smappee has an extensive FAQ section on the website. Retail price: $249.00


Curb plugs directly into your breaker panel giving you real time data on your energy consumption and production. It highlights abnormal patterns of energy use, pointing to potential problems with appliances. You can compare your usage week to week to monitor whether actions you are taking to reduce energy are actually making a difference. Curb learns about your home and energy behavior then suggests energy upgrades, product swaps and behavioral changes to lower your bill. Retail price: $299.00