Window treatments of some kind are often essential to provide privacy to your space but they can move beyond the merely practical to being a focal point in your room. Blinds and shades are excellent at controlling light and adding privacy but have a more contemporary, streamlined feel. Drapes can be excellent insulators, particularly in colder climes. Draped fabric in layers elevates your decor and is perfect for both living areas and the boudoir.


The first layer can be some sort of sheer to add privacy and stop neighbors from peering in. You can also put a blind as the first layer. The outer drape then adds color and pizzazz. It is important to to decide how frequently you will need to open and close the drapes. The more dramatic your drapes, the less you want to be operating them. The outer drapes can be held back with tassels or other attractive curtain ties. You may want these to be static and just operate the first layer.


A window treatment specialist can advise on whether a fabric you like is suitable for the look you envisage. Fibers have different strengths and weaknesses and while you may fall in love with a fabric, you will be disappointed if it cannot hold its shape well. Linen, for example, is a bad choice for drapery as it grows in length in humidity and shrinks in a dry climate.


There are countless accoutrements that can elevate your drapes from simple to luxurious such as tassels, grommets, pleats, tiebacks and different hardware. Passementerie is perfect for adding finishing touches. Passementerie is a French word meaning the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings of applied braid, gold and silver cord, embroidery, colored silk or beads for furnishings.


if you are looking for dramatic rather than simple window coverings, it is well worth using a window treatment company or an interior designer to help with your decision. A knowledgeable interior designer can inform you of the latest trends and the many choices available on the market. Apart from advising on color and style, a window treatment specialist will be able to measure your windows correctly and also install your window treatments.

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you may want to make drapes yourself. Just remember, measure twice, cut once. Make sure you feel confident installing elaborate window treatments before you go DIY.