Dogs need exercise and stimulation. They can get bored when they are left alone and you are not around. Smart technology can now keep your canine entertained and active when you are at work or away.


Why not give your dog his own gaming console? That is what CleverPet is currently developing – a device that uses  custom light, touch and sound puzzles, as well as treats,  to engage your pup in activities to keep him occupied. According to CleverPet it is “never too easy, never too hard. Always just right.”  The toy offers unlimited adaptive play, all day, whether you are home or away.


If your dog likes to play fetch, then iFetch may be the perfect toy. It launches 1.5” miniature tennis balls to distances of either 10, 20 or 30 feet. It can be used indoors or out and works either when plugged into an electrical socket or with rechargeable batteries. There is a bigger version called the iFetch Too that launches regular sized tennis balls ideal for medium to large dogs. The ball is dropped at one end of the unit and launched from the other.   iFetch offers training videos on how to teach your dog to operate the device safely even when you’re not around. The toy won the Best in Show award at Superzoo 2013 and was a Second Place Winner at Global Pet Expo 2014. The iFetch is priced at $115 and comes with 3 miniature tennis balls. An extra set of 3 balls costs $12.50.