Every single company that has an entrepreneurial mindset wants to stand out from the crowd and show that it is different. However in the remodeling industry where there is tight competition, a low barrier to entry and very high customer expectation, it is often too difficult to find, present and promote a unique quality and competitive advantage.

Almost all the marketing strategists and experts say that you need to differentiate yourself from the competition, but they offer few practical solutions to really show you how to do it. Most marketing consultants are not experts in your field and do not possess enough detailed knowledge of the remodeling industry to discover or help you create differentiating factors.


Many articles in the remodeling industry offer contractors confusing marketing information that bundle together terms like social media, online platforms and social customer service without offering a specific differentiation strategy. These are all strong marketing tools that are essential ingredients in your efforts to win business, but however well you implement them, you still need to find your own X factor – that special sauce in your products and services that lifts you above the competition and makes you memorable. You need to look for something that you do better than your competition.


Let’s look at some examples. Nearly all designers are creative or they wouldn’t be doing that job, but maybe being an expert in space planning or furniture layout or maximizing the use of small living areas could be the special ingredient. A carpenter may boast of exceptional finishing and quality and aim for more high end jobs. A painter may harness an ability to understand the client’s taste and be able to match that with market trends. Or maybe he can finish a job quicker than his competitors while still offering a quality finished product. A plumber may be available for emergency calls 24/7.

For a remodeling company, being a generalist keeps you down in the pond with all the other fish. Offering something different turns you into a flying fish! That edge could be providing low cost kitchens or high quality modern design or outstanding turnkey packages from conception through to completion.


To differentiate yourself, you first need to discover what you do best and who wants this talent or product. Then carefully evaluate this skill and see how you can build and develop it. Is it unique enough? What extra small but valuable service could you add on top to make it truly different?


Another approach is to find a gap in the market. If your resources and capabilities allow, tailor your services to fulfill this need and make yourself an expert in this niche. This is not an easy task and you will need detailed market knowledge and a smart business mind to achieve this. But it is definitely possible particularly if you are able to draw on the help of business and marketing consultants.

An important thing to remember is that no matter how good you are, if people don’t hear about your skills from others, your differentiation factor will have little value.  Apply the powerful combination of a strong marketing strategy with a unique X factor and you can beat the competition.

Helpuremodel consultants can help you recognize, evaluate and create your unique differentiation factor. They can offer support and advice on presentation and promotion to your target market and assist with growing your business and helping you become a winner.