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We never thought we would be in that group of renovators who are conned. We have owned several houses and done several major renovations. I am also very handy and and can turn my hand to most things so don’t feel at the mercy of contractors because of ignorance. I feel confident I can keep an eye on what they are doing. We know to always anticipate some problems but we were not ready for months of delays and defective work.

There were major renovations needed throughout our home. We had worked out a budget and knew that to do everything would take at least a year. It actually took more than double that time. Our chosen contractor started and seemed to be making good progress but we didn’t realize that he was leaving jobs incomplete. When he encountered a problem, instead of dealing with it, he just left it and moved onto something else. He was always cheerful and kept reassuring us about what great progress he was making. We had a contract but had not been clear about how to deal with overage charges. The contractor knew this.

He started asking us for more money and said that without out the extra, he would be unable to finish different jobs. He said he needed more materials to deal with the problems. We soon realized that we were being conned. He would only finish these half done jobs if we shelled out more cash. He had us over a barrel because nothing was complete.

We thought of getting a lawyer but knew that would cost us hundreds of extra dollars. In the end we only paid what we had agreed and fired the contractor. Although we lost a lot of money, I am glad we did not continue with him as what he was doing was a sort of blackmail. We got another reputable contractor to take over.

Unfortunately it takes a long time for another company to go through the house and make an assessment of the work done so far. Just this part took about 4 weeks to determine exactly what needed to be done.  We have 2 small children and were living in the house throughout this nightmare so I am really grateful to the contractor who finally finished the house, repaired the defects and left us with a home we could enjoy.