If the eyes are the windows of the soul, your front door reflects the warmth and welcome of your home. First impressions are important so stand back and look at your entrance. How does it make you feel? Does it stand out from the rest of your house and make a statement or does it blend in? Front doors that a little shabby and worn give the whole house a sad look. The front door is the place to choose a strong, contrasting color so that it draws the eye.

Your entrance should look so inviting that the outsider is excited to see what lies behind. Swapping out and updating your front door can instantly elevate your entrance and add curb appeal without committing to a larger exterior remodel. So having decided your front door needs an update, what should you choose?


Choosing an energy efficient front door may trim up to 10% off your energy bill and is well advised if you live in colder climes. Just remember that there are other factors besides the material, such as the framework or windows in the door, that can also affect the energy efficiency. The Energy Star label will help you compare doors.


Wood is a very popular material choice for high end homes. It exudes warmth, tradition and solidity. Wood always feels grounded and durable. If you want a handcrafted look, nothing else comes close. Wood is usually the most expensive option and requires regular maintenance to stay looking good. Wooden doors may need repainting or refinishing every year depending on the climate you live in.


Steel is certainly the best material for keeping out intruders though the locks are far more important than the material in this regard. Steel doors are the most cost effective to purchase, but they may not last as long as wood or fiberglass, particularly when exposed to salt. Steel is not a good choice if you live by the ocean. If a steel door gets a dent, there is nothing you can do to repair it.


Fiberglass requires the least maintenance so this fact may influence your choice. FIberglass now comes in a huge array of styles, including mimicking the look of real wood. Fiberglass doors are lightweight and easy to hang. They have a tough outer coating and an inner foam core that provides good insulation. Since fiberglass does not expand or contract with the weather like wood, in a protected location a fiberglass door can last for years.