The lists of upcoming bathroom trends and bathroom remodel ideas compiled by influencers, trendsetters and tastemakers are endless. Once you add the input of bathroom contractors, architects, trade associations, realtors and the plethora of blogs, the list gets even longer and a little indigestible.

Here are a few of my favorites things that I think will be around for a while.


Solutions that use less water are the way of the future. When planning a bathroom remodel, look for products that will save money on future water bills by conserving precious resources, such as high efficiency toilets, water efficient showerheads and water saving faucets.

In the US you can look for WaterSense labels. WaterSense is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program designed to encourage water efficiency in the United States through the use of a special label on consumer products. WaterSense products are backed by independent certification that verifies performance, efficiency and specifications.


Despite water conservation efforts, we still hunger for a luxurious, pampering shower. Many consumers are doing away with the bathtub in favor of a large, walk-in shower with multiple showerheads and built-in seating. Steam jets elevate the shower to the next level for a multi sensory experience. Different aromatherapy oils added to the steam reservoir can relax and rejuvenate. What an ahhh inducing bathroom remodel idea.


Virtual reality is reaching us as we wash and taking bathroom remodel ideas to the next level. Touchscreen controllers in the bathroom and even in the shower enable us to create a personalized, ever changing ambience depending on our mood. Lighting can be disco or delicate. Music can be raw or relaxing. The soundscape is extensive and tranquil video scenes complete the picture. Fancy frogs croaking? You can have them. Or how about palm trees swaying as the blue waves crash in? You can be instantly transported. is one of many progressive companies creating the next generation of in-home spa experiences.


In recent years the bathtub has come in for a great deal of discussion. Should it stay or should it go? Check out our article RUBBA DUB DUB, DOES EVERY BATHROOM NEED A TUB? for our view on that. Although I do feel guilty at the amount of water it takes to fill my tub, I both love and need a long soak after a game of soccer or tennis. More Epsom Salts please! Changing to a freestanding tub can add flair and a point of interest to your bathroom remodel. I particularly like the combination of classic claw feet with vintage looking faucets.


Replacing hardware is one of the most cost effective and effortless ways to update and add style to your bathroom remodel. Metallics are still in favor and add a little glamor and sophistication. Satin steel and brushed brass will feature this year rather than their shinier cousins. Metals can also take on an urban, gritty guise if industrial design is more your style.


Although the classic and humble subway tile is still holding its own, large format tiles are powering ahead in current bathroom remodels and are being used on both floors and walls. Homeowners are seeking out custom hand crafted tiles to add an individual touch. One advantage of larger tiles is that they require fewer grout lines so maintenance is easier. If the tiles are rectified, meaning that the edges have been machined to be straight and flat, they can be set with very tight narrow grout joints.


The square is a favorite shape and is appearing in tiles, faucets, fixtures, mirrors, shower heads and soap dishes.


Underfloor heating in a bathroom is an awesome bathroom remodel idea and makes the cold of winter so much more bearable. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and tranquil your bathroom is, you won’t be able to relax in it if you are chilly. If you are redoing your bathroom flooring, seriously consider putting heating underfoot.


Plants will never be outdated. They soften corners and add color to your bathroom remodel in a natural and gentle way. The low light and high humidity typical of a bathroom provide the perfect environment for many tropical houseplants. A majestic palm will look splendid if you have room or try the dark elegant foliage of a peace lily.


This year’s main bathroom remodel ideas still feature black, white and grey as favored colors. You simply can’t go wrong. But if your heart is yearning for an oomph of color, add it with towels, pictures and accessories. Try some hot pink for an up-to-the-minute touch of vibrancy.