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My husband is the BBQ king. He just loves to grill and that is his way of helping with meals. Our outdoor deck was old and small. I had my plants and bird feeders there. He had his his grill. We had a hodge podge of furniture and an outdoor table that felt like an afterthought. For my husband Jim’s 60th birthday, I decided to give him his own kitchen outdoors.

One of the things we didn’t like about our old deck was that it dropped down from the kitchen. We weren’t sure whether we could do anything about that, but when we had our first consultation with an architect, he said it was not a problem to raise the deck up so its floor matched the elevation of the house floor. He said this would make a big difference and give the kitchen and the deck a unified feel. And he was so right. He suggested extending the deck and surrounding it by a stone wall to match the house. He also suggested erecting a pergola like structure so we could still be outside when the weather wasn’t perfect. He designated an area for cooking and built the grill in, along with prep areas and a little bar.

I think an architect looks at the project as a whole and is more aware than a contractor of how a deck will complement the rest of the home. Our man explained to us that it was important to designate separate areas for cooking, sitting and relaxing so the deck had a design flow.  I didn’t realize what a difference this would make. Jim is so happy with his new deck that he offers to cook whenever we have friends over.