I just wanted to let other homeowners and renovators know how awesome 3D renderings are when you are making decisions about remodeling your house. My husband Jack and I bought a house in San Clemente that we fell in love with because of the fantastic view. We can sit in our living room and look right out to the ocean. It is just gorgeous. On a clear day you can see Catalina Island.

We were downsizing and had been looking for ever for the right property. We were definitely not looking for a reno. We wanted most of the work to be already done. We have already done two major renovations on houses and are well aware of what a big undertaking it is. Our projects have always gone reasonably well so we haven’t been scared off but just weren’t convinced we wanted to do it again. We are in our sixties and we didn’t want to live in all that mess for months. You need a strong constitution to undertake house remodeling. 

The problem with the houses we saw that had been remodeled was that they were a lot more expensive and were still not exactly what we had in mind. If you are going to buy fully upgraded, you want everything to fit the bill. We were feeling a bit despondent. When we saw the house we bought, we both immediately saw the potential and knew we wanted to live there. The house had not been updated since it had been built, the windows were small and the layout of the rooms did not take advantage of the view, so big changes and upgrades were needed.

We spent a lot of time doing our research before we contacted contractors. We wanted to be clear in our minds what we wanted before we got quotes. We could have saved ourselves a lot of effort had we known about 3D computer software. We decided to go ahead and get quotes and 2 of the companies we met with were able to provide 3D pictures. It was the first time we had seen this and It was so cool. You can take a virtual walk through your home before approving any designs. It really takes the guess work out of everything. You can chop and change and move walls, open up windows, extend rooms. It makes it so much easier to come to a decision. We chose a company that quoted 5 months for the work, we were finished in 19 weeks and the end result was exactly as we had hoped.