If you are not getting 3D images of your remodeling plans before you start, you are really missing out. OMG! They are amazing. And totally fun. The first time we used this technology was with our bathroom remodel. We were extending the space as well as doing a total remodel, so were not totally sure where to place the bathroom fixtures.

My husband is a town planner so he looks at plans and totally gets it. I just don’t at all. Plans and drawings make me feel dyslexic! I just can’t get a clear picture in my head. I made a kind of model with little paper cutouts of the bath, the shower and the toilet and moved them around like I was playing with a doll’s house but it wasn’t working very well. We were trying to work out whether the door opening would work with a new freestanding bath we had fallen in love with. Jim said it would be fine but love him though I do, I didn’t totally trust him. I was really worried about making an expensive decision like that and then finding out when it was too late, that the space was all cramped.

That’s when I fell in love with the 3D imaging. Our designer showed us our bathroom on the screen and it just came to life.We could easily move pieces around and see where they worked best without having to rely on imagination (or my scrappy little bits of paper). We changed sizes and locations and the designer would show us the results on the screen instantly. It became quickly obvious what was the best layout for the bathroom and we all agreed to go ahead. Then, with the main fixtures in position, we started playing around with colors and lighting and vanity units. Our designer made us feel we could change our mind as often as we wanted so we kept tweaking until we were happy. The process is so quick and easy. We ended up choosing a vanity that i would not have selected had I not seen it in the rendering. It works perfectly.

I think it is becoming more normal now for architects and designers to use software but I wouldn’t dream of doing a remodel without it. You can try out wacky color schemes to see if they work without commitment. Just make sure you ask if an architect or designer uses 3D and check they don’t charge you more for it. Ours didn’t.