How my husband and I are still together after renovating our house I do not know! I hope we will be married for a very long time and grow old together but let’s just say that being newly married and renovating don’t go very well together. Just getting used to married life is enough without adding extra stressful situations to the mix.

We took on the job of renovating our first house when we had just got married. It was in a nice neighborhood and had a cute yard. Just as the renovations got under way, my husband started a new job. I didn’t think that would make any difference but the job needed focus and commitment and extra hours. My brain knew the job was important and it was a good career move for my husband, but it didn’t stop me fuming inside when I was the one dealing with the contractor and making most of the decisions. I could not get over how emotionally draining the whole project was. To say nothing of the fact that we went over our budget which added even more stress. It also meant that we had to delay some of the work. Living in a half finished space is not romantic.

My poor husband came home one evening with a nice bottle of wine and i just burst into tears. I wanted to enjoy it out of a nice glass but we hadn’t unpacked them because the kitchen wasn’t finished. I am not normally like that at all but the renovation really got to me. My only excuse for my behaviour is that ! turned out to be pregnant! We eventually got to enjoy our nice glasses and our first baby!