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If you are considering a remodel of any room, it is important to clear out the clutter before you begin. There will be less stuff for you to move and store, and putting only the belongings that you really love back into your beautiful new space will enhance your décor and clear your mind.

Decluttering can have as transformative effect on your surroundings and your spirit as new paint and fixtures. When you look around your home, do you feel content and at ease, or do you feel overwhelmed by stuff? Are you on top of paperwork or is it piling up all around you? Is there a clear path wherever you want to walk in your home, or is it more like an obstacle course?

Obviously depending on what phase of life you are in will impact your environment and your needs. For example, a tidy house and small children should not be said in the same breath. If you hear yourself frequently saying, I need more storage, the problem may simply be that you have too many things. If you are in a position to increase your storage capacity, that’s great. If not, trim your possessions or you will constantly be fighting to stay organized.

To help you differentiate between what must go and what can stay, it helps to recognize that there are two distinct types of chaos that occupy our environments – active and passive.


This is creativity at work. It is the natural spilling out of tools and materials that are needed for the creative process to occur. These can be the fabrics and sewing tools around the seamstress; the paints and brushes strewn around the painter; the pots and pans surrounding the cook. This kind of chaos is vibrant and energizing; it is uplifting and inspirational.


This is creativity thwarted by mess and disorganization. For example, you might want to start a sewing project, but your machine is awkwardly tucked away at the back of a closet behind boxes of holiday decorations, and the table you need to use is piled high with papers. This passive chaos is stopping you from getting going and actually stops the flow of creative energy.

Tools involved in active chaos are used regularly and will be items you want to keep. Things that get in the way of you tapping into your creativity can go. Just remember to clean up the mess and reorganize the materials of your active chaos between creative outbursts, so you are ready for the next one.