Well all I can say is thank goodness for insurance, even though we had to pay the deductible. We had just had new cherry hardwood flooring put down on our open plan lower floor. A great deal of thought had gone into the choice. We considered getting travertine or tile, but my wife and I both prefer a more traditional look so we eventually went for hardwood. The area is quite large since it includes the kitchen, dining room and family room. From the time of finally choosing the hardwood, to selecting a contractor to getting the floor laid was about 4 months. We had only enjoyed the floor for a week when disaster struck.

Our dishwasher is quite old. I am not sure when it was purchased since it came with the house, but we had been noticing that it was not doing as good a job on the plates and cutlery. It had crossed our minds that we would soon need to replace it but we didn’t feel the need to do anything about it straight away. We went away for a long weekend and turned on the dishwasher as we left the house. We didn’t want to leave a load of dirty dishes for 3 days. Well the dishwasher leaked badly. We came home to water all over the floor. We mopped it up and at first there didn’t seem to be much damage, but then the boards started to warp and bow. The whole floor had to be replaced. We still chose wood flooring because that’s what we like, but we bought a new dishwasher before putting the new flooring in.