There is no longer any excuse for forgetting to take your medication. Vitality GlowCap is a clever little device that remembers so you don’t have to. Given that nearly 60% of all Americans take at least one medication regularly, this could prove to be an essential, and in some cases life saving gadget.


The cap fits on the top of most prescription bottles and via a wireless chip knows whether the pill bottle has been opened. It lights up and chimes when it is time to take your meds. If the orange light is ignored, the flashing and sound reminders become louder and more insistent. If you miss a dose a text message is sent and you receive a call. If after 2 hours you still haven’t taken your medication, a secondary number that you have provided will also get a notification. For certain medications, it is essential that they are taken on time. The text reminder is particularly helpful if you have elderly loved ones who struggle to remember to take their pills.


The GlowCap comes with a light that plugs into any outlet around your home. The light works in tandem with the lid and also glows orange at the time of your scheduled medication.


The cap works wirelessly through the AT&T Mobile Broadband Network and requires a monthly service plan, though it does not require that you already have AT&T as a service provider.  In addition to sending reminders, the GlowCap has a refill button that, when pressed, contacts your pharmacy to request a prescription refill. You then receive an automatic callback to confirm the order. You can set up your account to receive regular feedback and weekly reports.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even remember to take vitamins regularly!  And I don’t think age has anything to do with it! Life gets busy. Whether the medications are for you, a child or an aging parent, this little gadget can be a lifesaving gamechanger.