Peace of mind is a somewhat intangible but comforting state of being. How many times in the past have you had that horrible feeling that you didn’t lock the front door? Many is the time I have reversed up my (quiet) street to check whether I did in fact close the garage door, only to find that I did but it would have nagged at me all day had I not gone back. A Smart Home takes these uncertainties away by allowing you to control a whole host of functions from your smart phone. With the swipe of a screen you can tell your house what to do.

You are driving to work and realize you left the iron on. Just log onto the internet and tell the iron to turn itself off!  Set up your system to turn lights on and off while you are away to simulate life at home. Install security cameras and check out visitors, welcome or otherwise, from any computer terminal. It may sound a little futuristic but it is happening right now and gaining momentum at a furious rate.


Smart appliances can sense if there is a fault or electrical surge and shut off the power. They can detect leaks and turn off the water at the mains. This is particularly thing as many homeowners admit to not knowing where the shut off valve is! Your house can detect changes in the weather and adjust the temperature accordingly. The possibilities are endless.


Smart security systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to protect family and property. A home monitoring system allows you to keep an eye on things while you are away. Think how much more restful and carefree your vacation could be if you knew all was quiet on the home front. Systems include cameras, triggered window, door sensors and motion sensors that are able to send alerts straight to your smartphone or tablet.  Now obviously if you are halfway across the world and an alert comes in, you still have to have a protocol in place to deal with it. For some people, seeing a live feed of their home can make a big difference between them being able to relax and constantly worrying.


A live monitoring system can bring enormous peace of mind to families who have elderly relatives. Family members can feel confident that if a loved one is left alone and has a fall or needs help that they will be alerted. Maintaining a connection with pets is also one of the top uses of smart home systems. Our pets are our babies and a monitoring system allows us the freedom to leave them at home and know that they are just fine.  Woof!