When choosing your countertops, first find something you really like, then see whether the price tag is to your liking and whether it will hold up under the weight of work it has to do. Your counter needs to be able to withstand cutting, spillage and stains.


Quartz is trending for 2017 and deserves to be. It is engineered from quartz crystals and resin. It is extremely strong and durable yet adds a luxurious look to the kitchen. The color of the sample you receive will be the same as the color on your installed countertops. It is non porous therefore resistant to stains. Simply wipe with a damp cloth. Quartz is more flexible than granite making it easier to install.


Granite is natural and individual so if you want something that is truly unique, choose granite. No two stones are alike. The color however is not uniform and the sample you select in the showroom may look very different from your finished product. Granite is strong but porous and will therefore have to be sealed regularly to help keep out bacteria and mold.


Marble is classic, always in style and looks beautiful in white kitchens. However it is a softer stone than granite and can scratch and stain easily and is therefore not a practical choice for a busy, well used kitchen.


Corian is a man made composite of ground stone and acrylic polymers. It is available in a vast array of colors and the color goes all the way through. Spilled lemon juice, coffee or wine will not be harmful to the surface. SImply wipe with a damp cloth. Corian is very durable but if it does scratch, It can be sanded and buffed.


Soapstone is a beautiful, veined natural stone without the sealing required by granite or the care required by marble. It is resistant to stains, chemicals and bacteria. Soapstone has a classic look that has been used in farmhouses for hundreds of years. Soapstone is heat resistant but scratches easily.


Ceramic or stone tiles are affordable, durable and come in an endless number of colors and patterns. Add a touch of Mexico with vibrant hand painted tiles. The only problem is the grout which can be difficult to keep clean. Dark grout just edges out light on stain resistance.


If you want something a little unusual, zinc adds warmth with its dark tones that darken over time. It has antimicrobial properties that make it a good choice for cooking spaces. It is up there with quartz for price.


Formica and Wilsonart have reinvented laminate giving it a new lease of life. Laminate can save you a huge amount on your kitchen renovation without compromising style and good looks. Countertop laminate is a paper based product made by bonding melamine treated decorative papers with resin treated kraft paper under high heat and pressure. It is finished off with a wear layer made from wood fibers.

It comes in an abundance of colors and designs that can brilliantly mimic wood, marble, granite, quartz, stone and metal. Everyday cleaning is as easy as wiping the surface down with a damp cloth. Spills should be mopped up quickly and mild detergent used for any stubborn stains.


A combination of glass and cement, these countertops are durable, customizable and beautiful. They are also very expensive and not something you want to put in unless you are planning on spending some time in your home.


Concrete can be stained and dyed to create interesting textures. It needs to be sealed and is at the more expensive end of the scale.


Stainless steel will give your kitchen a professional looks as it is beloved by chefs for its non staining, heat resistant properties. It is easy to clean but will show fingerprints and scratches. Kitchens with stainless steel counters have an industrial feel.


Wood is warm and inviting but not the most practical surface, depending on the wood chosen. They will show scratches and dents, but for some, this is part of its appeal