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Improving the Home Improvement Experience



Greg P. Irvine, CA

by Greg P. Irvine, CA

Jul. 16, 2018


I am a total movie buff. I love watching movies and it is something we like to do as family. We have 4 kids aged 7, 9 and 12 year old twins. Going out to the movies gets expensive when you are paying for 6 tickets. We have a large house and have a family room where we have the TV. The problem is that is it open to the kitchen. To me you have got to watch a movie in the dark, That is part of the experience. You have also got to watch without interruptions and be able to have the sound blasting out if you want. Where the TV was set up felt like you were sitting in bus station. The seating was also not ideal. There were two seats facing the screens and then two sofas facing each other, That meant that the kids were always arguing about who had what seat. We have a spare room upstairs that is hardly ever used so I decided to upgrade it to become a VIP movie theater. I wanted a place where we could hang out together and eat popcorn and candy and I could enjoy a beer in style.

I am an electrician by trade and good at most DIY jobs. First I removed the drywall down to the frame so I could improve the insulation. I didn’t want explosions to rock the house. I used a 7.1 sound system with a subwoofer and worked out where I wanted the speakers - one in the center above the screen, one on either side of the screen, the side surrounds on the sides and two at the rear. I chose a spot for the hub and ran cables from thee hub to each speaker location. I wired in the HDMI cables and all the lighting. I put dimmable recessed lights in the ceiling and sconces along the side walls. I worked with a mate of mine to install the drywall and make sure I had the right holes for all the cables. Once the drywall was painted we hung the speakers, projectors and screen. All that was now needed was the seating.

I was so excited when I put these babies in! I elevated the back row on a platform and put in two rows of four. The seats are the big, comfy sort with cupholders in the armrests. Now every night is movie night and watching football is the best.


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