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Picking paint for your kitchen is not the same as choosing paint for your living room or bedroom. Matte paint can look gorgeous in those settings. In the kitchen, your paint has to put up with a lot - food splatters, sticky little fingers, the occasional burnt offering. When it comes to putting a coat of paint on your kitchen walls or cabinets, professional painting contractors recommend a finish that is easy to clean and will not be damaged by repeated scrubbing. That usually means glossier paint. Consider the use and abuse an area is going to have to withstand and then choose a paint finish accordingly.


A very high gloss finish tends to give a more contemporary, high tech look and can look very luxurious. It can however seem out of place in a more traditional kitchen. The higher gloss the finish the more it will show imperfections in the surface and the more difficult it is to apply. A spray gun is best to achieve smooth results and a lacquer finish. 


A day does not go by without wiping down the kitchen. A semi gloss or satin paint can be frequently scrubbed, but doesn’t give such a shiny finish. It is easier to apply than high gloss and is more forgiving to brush strokes. This makes it less time consuming to apply and therefore less expensive. A satin finish has a uniform look and a soft sheen so it doesn’t look flat. It is a great compromise for the kitchen between looks and function.


Your kitchen is a functional area so don’t make it more difficult for yourself by selecting flat paint that can show every stain. Stains can be wiped off gloss and semi gloss paint without leaving marks and residue behind. Flat matte paint cannot take the same constant cleaning. 


Painting your kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a new lease of life. Add new hardware and you have an instant facelift. Paint on kitchen cabinets needs to handle even more abuse than the paint on your kitchen walls. Cabinets are opening and closing all the time so select a paint that hardens well. You don’t want to have chipped paint within a few weeks. A professional will always take the doors off and spray paint them to achieve the smoothest and longest lasting results. 


Painting contractors are experienced using oil based products but for the amateur, they can prove a little problematic. Oil paint can give off a very strong, acrid smell and takes forever to dry. This is not ideal if you are trying to finish your painting project in a weekend. 


There are water based alternatives that are high quality, durable and easy to wipe down. Clean up is so much easier using water based paint. Do not skimp on paint for kitchen cabinets. It is worth spending a little more on a paint that can withstand constant traffic and use and maintain a luxurious finish. Sherwin-Williams Pro Classic range is water based but dries hard and tough in a very short time without the strong smell of oil.


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