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Jenny M. Irvine, CA

by Jenny M. Irvine, CA

Jun. 23, 2018


We have a small apartment that was move in ready when we bought it. Everything was white! Bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms. White on every surface. I am not complaining because white is a great background to have and way better than a load of colors you don’t like. We moved our furniture in, put art on the walls, added some bright accessories and the living room looks just fine. It has a freshness about it and it is easy to change up cushions and lamps if we want to create a different look.

We wanted some parts of the apartment to have an individual feel so it wasn’t too bland. We decided we would have some fun in the powder room. We were confident to try something different because we wouldn’t have to sit and look at it everyday if it didn’t work out. Although lots of design magazines tell you that patterns and strong colors will make a room look smaller, we didn’t care. Our powder room is so small anyway that no amount of trying to create an illusion will make it look bigger.

The best decision we made was to replace the existing basin. It was too big for the space. We chose a narrower, pedestal basin instead of a built in unit. It looks way better and more interesting. The heaviness of the built in unit seemed to cut the room in half. We then chose a bold navy and white wallpaper for the walls and the ceiling and white for the trim.  We found a gorgeous bevelled mirror to hang above the basin and put in a chandelier light fixture. White hand towels finish off the look. The room makes a statement and feels really luxurious.  We have had loads of compliments.


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