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Improving the Home Improvement Experience
About Us
About Us
Our Team

David Allen
Founder & CEO

David is a successful entrepreneur with over 40 years experience in the contracting and house remodeling industry with the last 25 being Orange County, California.

Despite the wealth of home improvement information that is now readily available, David has continued to see a plethora of problems recurring in projects as a result of poor communication, disorganization and unrealistic expectations. He saw the opportunity for an online platform that could have a positive impact on the industry by educating both homeowners and contractors.

David’s vision is to make house remodeling a happy, headache-free experience.  In early 2016 he set about making this dream a reality by hand picking a team who not only share his passion and enthusiasm, but also have the skills, goals and determination to make it happen.

Arsha Abed
Chief Strategy Officer

Arsha is a business strategist with over 20 years experience as a consultant, marketing advisor and sales trainer.

He has worked internationally for service and consumer based companies, large corporations and start-ups. Arsha continued to develop his business skills by studying Corporate Strategy and Finance in the UK. His extensive and diverse business experiences in both developed and developing countries have given him deep business insights and presented him with a unique set of challenges. From initial ideas through to the creation, oversight and execution of plans, Arsha has brought practical and successful solutions to every project he has worked on.

Arsha is an avid researcher and enjoys the process of building something from scratch. He loves to travel and exercise and finds his inspiration through socializing and listening to music.

Jane Noble

Jane is a writer, editor, actor, director, designer and educator.  She loves the creative challenge of taking ideas and building them into reality.

In Vancouver, Canada she co-founded and ran her own theater company that performed to rave reviews for well over one million children.

Born and raised in England but now living in southern Orange County, Jane brings an international viewpoint to her work having lived in many countries around the world including France, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and South Africa.

She has remodeled houses on 3 continents and sees the home as a personal stage upon which we present our personalities to the world. It deserves to be the best we can make it. Jane is a cat lover, gardening enthusiast, keen tennis player and passionate soccer player.





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